Math Addition Games

Have fun with the cool math addition games on this site.  For the game below you'll just need a few house items and off you go!  Have fun with it!

"Addition Math Can"

math addition games

Skills: Good game for learning / practicing addition facts.

  • Math Can
  • Small counters (coins, counting bears, unifix cubes, anything you want the kids to use to add)


The preparation involves writing various addition math sentences on index cards (example 2+7 =, etc).  Write the sum or total (ex. 9) on the back of each index card for self check purposes.

Make a ”Math Can” from a recycled can with a lid.

Make 2 holes in lid and write an addition or plus sign between the holes with a marker (I uploaded a picture of a quick one I made for my class from an old creamer container to give you an idea).  If you can find an old container with a pliable plastic lid it will be easier to cut and look nicer than mine.

How To Play:

  • Provide children with counters (for adding) and the stack of math sentences on index cards you created.
  • Choose a math sentence card & read it.
  • Add the number of counters (that correlates to the first number on the index card) to the hole on the left (or the left side of the math can) and then add the number of counters to the hole on the right that correlates to the number being added.  So, if the math sentence is 2+7=….the child will add or put 2 counting “objects” in the first hole of the Math Can, and will put or add 7 bears to the 2nd hole on the right.  Since this is how we read math sentences (left to right).
  • And finally the player can open the Math Can and discover what the total is.

Have fun with it! It can be played with just one student or even 2 students.

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