Math Fact Games for Kids

Math fact games for kids keeps them motivated about math.  When learning is fun, kids just learn better!

Ten Again

"New"  Sums and Differences to 20!

Original game boards go up to 10. You'll find those game boards in the materials section below.

Here are the Sums and differences to 20 game boards.

math fact games for kids

Skill: Practicing 10s facts with addition and subtraction.

Number of Players: 2 - 4

Object of the game: Be the first player to complete their game board.


math fact game board for kids

To Play:

  1. Decide which math facts, addition or subtraction, will be used for the game.
  2. Roll the dice to see who goes first. The player with the lower number starts.
  3. The first player rolls the die. If you are playing the addition fact game, the player writes the number into a space in his game board to correctly complete a sum of 10.
  4. Otherwise playing the subtraction fact game, the player writes the number in the space to make the correct difference sentence.
  5. The players take turns in order.
  6. If there is no place to write the number that a player rolls, his turn is over.
  7. The first player to complete her game board wins.
  8. After a player declares they have won by completing their game board, the other player should check to see that their board is filled out correctly.

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