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Sunken Treasure

Two players are on a quest for buried treasure, while the third player acts as their guide (and checks the answer key). Play several rounds so everyone has a turn to be the guide.

Skill: Adding and/or subtracting two-digit numbers

Number of players: 3

Object of the game: Reach the treasure chest the most times

Supplies: Game board, game cards, two game pieces, answer key

sunken treasure game board

Preparation: Photocopy the game board, copy and cut apart the game cards, shuffle and place face down on the table. Note: Use just the addition cards, just the subtraction cards, or some of each.

To Play:

1. Each player puts his game piece on one of the START spaces.

2. The first player draws a game card. He copies the problem onto his paper and finds the answer. The guide checks the answer with the answer key. If the answer is correct, the player moves ahead one space.

3. The second player follows in the same manner.

4. Play continues until one player reaches the buried treasure. He writes his first name on the treasure chest.

5. For the next round, the winner becomes the tour guide.

6. Play a third round so that each player has been the tour guide one time. Or, play as many rounds as time allows.

7. The winner is the player who has reached the treasure chest the most times.

Have Fun!!

Now, if you enjoyed that game and are ready to move up, try one of our fun math activities for addition and subtraction for 2 and 3 digit numbers.

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