Printable Subtraction Games

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We make make subtracting fun with our growing collection of free printable subtraction games!

Subtraction Triangles

How They Work: Notice that the triangle is turned upside down.  The triangle at the top has empty squares that need to be filled in with numbers.  

The bottom triangle has been filled in with the correct numbers and is complete.  

Starting with the top row of numbers, notice that the difference of two numbers touching each other is directly below the two numbers.

For example, the two numbers in the top row on the left are 7 and 1.  When you subtract 1 from 7, the difference is 6.  And 6 is the number that is directly below the 7 and the 1.  The whole subtraction triangle works this same way!

Got it!  Here we Go! 

  • Fill in the empty boxes with the correct numbers to complete each subtraction triangle. 

I'll be adding more subtraction triangles soon so be sure to bookmark us and come back soon!  Below, you'll find links to more printable subtraction games on his site.

Printable Subtraction Games

Check out the links below for more subtraction activities.  You'll also find subtraction worksheets and subtraction flash cards here as well.

  • Domino differences: Students will enjoy strengthening their subtraction fact skills with this game.
  • Sunken Treasure: This activity can be use to practice double-digit subtraction or addition. 

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Subtraction Games

Subtraction Checkers 

Turn a game of checkers into an exciting way to learn subtraction facts.

Four-Dice Subtraction:

2 - 4 players. All you need are four dice and to print the game board.  

Subtraction Flashcards: 

A great way for students to master subtraction.

Subtraction Squares:

Fun way to build subtraction skills!