Subtraction Flash Cards

Got subtraction flash cards?  Seems like many of our visitors are wanting them too.  So we're going to be adding flashcards a little at a time. Not only for subtraction but addition, multiplication, division, etc....

Flash cards make learning subtraction facts easier for students. Students enjoy them because it's a hands-on way to learn math. The better students are at math facts, the better they'll be in higher level math!

Subtraction Flash Cards

These are free printable flash cards.  You'll see the links below. I'll be adding more sets of cards real soonThe first set focuses on subtracting 2's, and goes from 2 - 2, all the way up to 20 - 2.

Printing the Flashcards

The subtraction cards are in pdf format so you'll need adobe software on your device to print them. Each page of the PDF has 2 flash cards.

An example of a flashcard is pictured above.  Fold over the vertical line in the middle and glue the two sides together to create the card.

Subtraction Games

You'll probably also enjoy our printable subtraction games as well.  

  • Domino Differences: This popular game is played with a set of dominoes and helps with subtraction facts with differences of 0 to 6, 0 to 9, or 0 to 12.
  • 50 Cents Subtraction:  Grab some pennies, a bowl, and print the game board and let the subtraction fact games begin.  
  • Adder Ladders:  This game focuses on subtraction and addition of two and three digit numbers.

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More Subtraction

Fun Stuff

Subtraction Squares:

Subtraction squares take the boredom out of practicing subtraction. 

Subtraction Checkers:

Print the Subtraction checker board and grab some checkers to play this fun game!