3 Digit Subtraction Games

Looking for 3 digit subtraction games and activities?

You'll find them here - the kids will be glad you did because they'll build subtraction skills and fun at the same time!

3 digit subtraction games

Ground - Zero Subtraction

Materials: Deck of playing cards, pair of dice

Skills: 2 and 3 digit subtraction

How to Play:

  • Shuffle the cards and place the deck face down in the middle of the table.
  • Each player starts out with 999 in the top 3 boxes of their game sheet.
3 digit subtraction games
  • The first player draws three cards from the top of the deck and turns them face up.
  • The next player does the same.
  • Next, each player takes the numbers from the three cards that were drawn and writes them in the next three boxes on their game sheet under the 999.
  • Each player then subtracts the two numbers and writes the result in the boxes below the two numbers.
  • Each player will draw three more cards and place these cards under their previous result if they can arrange them in a way to make a smaller number.
  • If they can make a smaller number, they will then subtract the two numbers and write the result in the answer boxes provided.  If they cannot make a smaller number, they miss their turn.
  • (Or, If they are not able to make a smaller number, they will roll two dice. The two numbers that come up on the dice will then be written in whatever order they choose under the previous result and the two numbers are subtracted.
  • Record the results in the answer boxes.
  • When a player gets to he point where the answer in their answer is a 2-digit number, instead of drawing cards, the will roll 1 dice.  They will then write this number underneath the result and subtract.
  • Play continues the same way until the boxes are completed. ( 5 rounds)
  • The player with the result closest to zero is the winner!

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