Math Division Games

Playing math division games gives kids a fun way to learn and master division skills!  Not just the same old homework and division worksheets routine.  Break out a game and kids look at math in a whole new way!

Don't Duck Division

math division game board

Grade Level: 3 - 4

Skill: Division with factors up to 12

Number of players: 2

Object of the game: Score more points than your opponent by completing boxes on the game board


  • Don’t Duck Division game board
  • Game cards, or your own division flash cards
  • Calculator to check answers
  • Pencil for each player
  • Timer (optional)
math division games


To Play:

  1. Decide who plays first. Player with the shortest name starts. Decide how long the game will last.  Set a timer if necessary.
  2. The first player draws a card, reads the division problem and calls out the answer.
  3. The other player uses the calculator to check Player 1’s answer. If his answer is correct, Player 1 draws a line segment on the game board. If the answer is incorrect, he does not draw a line and his turn is over.
  4. Player 2 takes a turn using the same method.
  5. Continue to play.  The player who draws a line that finishes a 4-sided box writes his initials in that box.  When a player completes a box, he also gets to draw an extra line on the game board.
  6. At the end of playing time, players calculate their score.  Each box with a duck inside is worth 3 points.  Each box with initials only is worth 1 point. The player with the most points wins.

See how the picture below shows

6 ÷ 2 = 3

Have Fun!!

Math Division Games Teach Division Facts

So next up is "Gazinta" - another hands-on division activity - just print off the game cards and get ready to have some more division fun! Scroll down a little further under the picture for the link for Gazinta out below.

math division ganes gazinta

Learning about divisibility is a key skill young math learners need to have under their belt. Check out Gazinta.

And when they're ready for higher level division math games... 

Now that those division facts are mastered, the next step is dividing larger numbers!  We've got to work our way up the ladder, right?  Check out this 2 and 3-digit division game.

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