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Easy math games! That's right...math doesn't have always boring or difficult! Making math fun does wonders for helping your child or class have a positive attitude toward math. And when they can feel good about it, they will naturally perform better at math!

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Fishin' for Addition

Grade Level: 1 - 2

Skill: Addition facts through 9 + 9

Number of players: 2 to 4

Object of the game: Be the first player to cover 5 fish in a row


  • 20 craft (Popsicle®) sticks
  • Fishing for Addition game boards on the next two pages
  • Markers to cover the numbers (These can be small bits of paper cut from construction paper, or even junk mail!)
popsicle sticks math game


  • Write one of the digits, 0 – 9 on the end of each stick. Make two sets.
  • Put the sticks (“fishing poles”) in a glass or jar with the numbers down, out of sight.
  • Give each player a game board.

Click to print off Game Cards

To play:

  • Draw a fishing pole to see who starts. Person with the lowest number begins.If there’s a tie, keep drawing until someone has the lowest number.
  • For each turn, one player draws two fishing poles from the jar. All the players add the two numbers together, find the sum on their game board, and cover the sum with a marker. Each player may cover only 1 space on the game board per turn.
fishin' for addition math game
  • After each turn, the player puts the poles back in the jar. The next player draws two poles.
  • Play continues until someone has covered 5 numbers in a row – up, down, across, or diagonally. That player wins the round. *
  • To play a new round, the players trade game boards and a different player begins.

*Scoring (optional): The winner receives 5 points for scoring 5 in a row, plus he gets 1 additional point for every fish anywhere on his game board that he’s covered. All other players also score 1 point for each fish that’s covered. When all play has finished, each player adds his total score for all rounds played. It is possible for some one who has never scored 5 in a row to win!

Have Fun!!!

If your child or students are ready to move on and are looking for some fun with adding larger numbers, that's a good thing. Here's a fun 2-digit and 3-digit addition game.

Easy math games are a great way to add fun and excitement to learning math! They will love you for it!

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