Math Patterns

Math patterns are all around us.  Kindergartners learning to count has to do with patterns.  A 3rd or 4th grader learns that when they multiply any number by 5, the answer is a number that ends in either 0 or 5...another pattern.  And it goes on and on, patterns are in even in algebra and calculus.

math patterns activity

Honey Hunt

Skill: Extending patterns

Number of players: 2-3

Object of the game: Be the first player to reach the beehive

Supplies: Game board and game cards, 1 die, a marker for each player

Preparation: Copy and laminate the game board. Copy and cut apart the game cards. Shuffle and place face down on the table.

To Play:

  1. Players put their markers on start. The first player draws a game card and tells what comes next in the pattern. Another player checks it.
  2. If the answer is correct, the first player rolls the die and moves forward that number of spaces. If the answer is incorrect, the player stays where he is and his turn is over.
  3. The second player continues in the same manner.
  4. The first player to reach the honey pot wins.

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Hope you enjoy these games and please let us know what kinds of math games you are looking for most. We will continue to add games and the more we hear from you the better.

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