Math Games For Children

Identify circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles

Learn about shapes with this fun activity kids will really love! Math games for children help transform math from a boring or difficult subject, into one they really enjoy.

math games for children

Ship Shape

Grades: Kindergarten, 1st Grade

Skill: Identify circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles

Number of players: 2

Object of the game: Get 4 markers in a row

Supplies: Game board, spinner, green ships and orange ships

Preparation: Print and laminate the game board; print and laminate the spinner; cut apart ships on this page. Players choose their color of ships.

To Play:

  1. The first player spins the spinner. He covers any shape on the board that matches his spin with one of his ships.
  2. The second player does the same.
  3. The first player to cover 4 shapes in a row – across, up/down or diagonally – is the winner of the round.

math games for children ships

Shape Song: And here's a fun colorful song about shapes that children will really get a kick out of. Covers the circle, square, triangle, oval, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, star, and diamond.

We will be adding several interactive math games that focus on learning about shapes and other geometry topics so stay tuned for these new additions.

Another important math topic for young children to master is recognizing patterns. Check out this fun math board game you can print off where children will practice recognizing math patterns.

Learning about Geometric shapes is an important topic that youngsters will cover throughout their schooling. So learning basic geometry like in the game here is an important step in understanding higher level geometry they will tackle in middle ans high school math classes.

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