second grade math games

Second Grade Math Games

It's time to play math. That's right, learning math is fun with second grade math games! Find a fun activity for whatever math skill kids are working on.

Skip Counting: Have you tried skip counting with your 2nd grader? It not, you may want to try it to reinforce and help teach multiplication facts.

Fill-In Squares Addition Facts New: Learning addition facts is an important step to being successful in 2nd grade math. Print this activity and get your 2nd grader actively learning those math facts.

Counting by Twos, Fives, and Tens: Quick Count is a counting game that is played with partners. Print off the number strips and you're ready to go!

second grade math games Here's a great online Counting Activity that elementary schoolers will love. Helps them have fun practicing the basics of number counting. They will count the number of fish they see swimming and then click on the correct number. This early learning activity utilizes a more than and less hint system that helps children learn number values.

second grade math games

COUNTING MONEY: Kids can practice counting money with this online math activity.
second grade math games
NUMBER LINE EXPRESS In this your child is the conductor on the number line express. Fun way to help kids practice using the number line.
Place Value Activities - Video: Check out this short and easy to understand video of place values.

FIND THE MISSING NUMBER: This fun game helps your child get comfortable with place values. All you need is some index cards to get started with this one.

STEP ON IT: Step up to the challenge with this exciting game that helps kids get good at addition and subtraction facts.

Recognizing Math Patterns: See if your 2nd grader can complete the pattern in this printable activity.

Rock and Roll Kid Math Game: Have fun with Greater than, Less than, Equal Symbols and Addition up to 6 + 6.

Sunken Treasure: Practice adding 2-digit numbers with one.

2nd Grade Summer Math Activities: Summer will be here before you know it. It will be nice to have lots of fun math activities at your disposal for the kiddos.

We'll be adding more second grade math games so be sure to check out what's new. And please let us know if there's anything you'd like to see more of on the site. Thanks much!

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