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Popcorn Skip Counting

Skip Counting with Popcorn

Skill: Counting by twos or fives

Number of players: 4-8

Object of the game: Be the last player to give a correct answer

Supplies: Index cards

Preparation: To practice counting by twos, number 25 index cards with the even numbers from 2 to 50. To practice counting by fives, number 20 index cards with multiplies of 5, from 5 to 100.

To Play:

  • Shuffle one set of cards. Pass them out to the players. It’s okay if not everyone has the same number of cards.
  • If counting by twos, the player holding the 2 card pops up and says, “Two!” He sits down immediately.
  • The player with the 4 pops up and says, “Four!” and so on.
popcorn counting by 5s and 2s
  • Play continues until players have reached 50, or until someone makes a mistake. If a player does not pop up when he should, the last player to give a correct number wins a point. If the group successfully reaches 50, everyone gets a point.
  • To play another round, players randomly trade cards and start again.
  • At the end of several rounds, the players with the most points are the winners.
  • Celebrate all the good counters in your class with a popcorn party! If a group of students is completing the task rather easily, or for a whole class game, consider adding more cards so they can count by twos to 100, or by fives to 200.

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