2nd Grade

Summer Math Games

Need fun math practice for your 2nd grader? Try these 2nd grade summer math activities that will help prevent summer brain drain in math.

You can also check out the main second grade math games page as well.

Hopscotch Math: The classic game of Hopscotch with a math twist! You can tailor this math activity to the skill level of the players.

Count to 100: Counting to 100 would be a good goal to accomplish for kids going into the 2nd grade. Here's a fun printable counting activity for two to for  players as well as a whole class.

Addition and Subtraction Review: This is a good review to use if you child already has a good grasp of both addition and subtraction of numbers from 0 - 20. You may want to use it to assess which skills your child needs improvement on.

Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To: Comparing numbers is an important concept for elementary students to grasp in order to go on to higher levels of math. This booklet will give lots of practice with mastering this skill.

Telling Time 2: Are you looking for some telling time practice for the young ones. These worksheets are handy for helping them get comfortable with time.

Money Level 1: And of course learning about money is an important skill at this level.

Fractions Level 1: Fractions can sometimes be a bit of a challenge for students. Use this helpful fraction booklet to get them ready and confident with fractions.

Addition: 2 single digit Numbers, and 2-digit Numbers Without Carrying

Addition: Adding 2- digit Numbers With Carrying

Subtraction: 2 and 3-Digit Numbers, No Regrouping

The following link gives ideas for math activities by skill .

Besides these 2nd grade summer math activities, you'll probably also enjoy these 2nd grade math games. And don't forget to go to the main second grade math games page.

Regular practice over the summer with problem solving, computation, and math facts will maintain and strengthen math gains made over the school year.

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