Math Puzzles

Every kid deserves to be successful and confident in school. Math Puzzles are great for that. Kids love games and puzzles, so learning math while working puzzles makes learning math fun.

Fraction Puzzles: Check out some of these engaging fraction puzzles. The puzzles will engage students brains as they get practice with fractions.

math puzzles

Magic Triangle: Have you tried Magic Triangles yet? You should enjoy solving these especially if you already tried magic squares.

magic triangle 01

Tougher Magic Triangle  "New": Now here are some more math triangles that are a bit tougher than the first set.

Multiplication Fact Crossword: Time to get your crossword game on with this multiplication Facts puzzle. Have Fun!

Free Math Puzzles: Ready for some puzzle action? Click on the link and off you go. You can even print some of them off to work on.

Free Math Crosswords: Most kids enjoy doing crosswords. Check out some of our math crossword puzzles that you can print off. We will continue to add to the collection and cover a wide are of math topics.

Magic Square Puzzle: Have you tried magic squares? They're fun for kids and help build math number skills. Grown folk also enjoy them.

How To Solve A Magic Square: Want to impress your friends and family?  On this page you'll learn the tricks to solving magic square puzzles!

Math Logic: Math squares are fun and can help build logical thinking skills. Not to mention they're a great way to help youngsters improve their basic math skills.

Find The Rule: By using basic math skills, try to determine the number that goes in the box by figuring out the rule.

Place Value Crossword: What number is in the thousandths place in 72.195? Kids can build their place value skills with this crossword.

Addition Puzzle:Have you tried these neat puzzles? This is another fun puzzle that kids can get hooked on real quick.

Math Word Search:Then you have the classic word search puzzles that have been around for years. So why not have your kids have fun learning math terms with these classic puzzles.

Sudoku Math How do you pronounce sudoku anyway? This new craze is definitely a tool to use for helping kids get excited about math.

Algebra Crossword Puzzle: Here's an online crossword that students can do right online that helps with learning algebra terms.

Addition Fact Crossword: Basic Addition Fact Crossword puzzle for youngsters to practice their facts.

Why We Like Math Games and Puzzles

  • They help students to think logically.
  • Kids like they help build math skills and get them interested in math at the same time.
  • They can help introduce a new math concept or be used for reviewing math concepts for students of all ages.

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