Math Word Search Puzzles

If they can have fun at it, they can learn to love it.  Math word search puzzles are a simple and fun way to help students active in learning.  Use them to make sure kids know and understand important math terms!

math word search puzzles
  • Print them off for the classroom or home.
  • Puzzles great for any age group - from elementary though high school.
  • Very helpful to get students familiar with math terminology.

"New" Geometry puzzle: Good for students in about the 7th grade.  Good for a review of general knowledge of triangles, angles, circles.  Print Solution.

Fraction Word Puzzle: Get familiar with common words associated with fractions in this puzzle.  You can print off all of the puzzles in pdf format for students to solve and enjoy.

We'll be adding more word searches on a regular basis. If there's a particular math topic you would like a word search for to use in your classroom or with your child, be sure to let us know.

If you like these math search puzzles, you'll probably also find that working a magic square puzzle is quite a bit of fun, and will challenge you at the same time!

There are also math crossword puzzles that can are great for learning and reviewing different math skills as well.

This website covers a growing list of math topics and we are currently working on organizing it as we add new math stuff to make it easier for you to find what you need.   A good place to start is by looking at the left-hand navigation and clicking a link either by topic or grade.

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