Fun Math Puzzles

Solving fun math puzzles helps boosts brain power! They can be both fun and challenging, but one thing's for sure, once you solve one, you'll want to solve more.

"Find the Rule"

In this math puzzle, the numbers in the four corners of each box are used to determine the middle number.

Any combination of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division may be used to get the middle number.

  • In the first two boxes below, we've given you the number in the middle. 
  • Try to figure out the operations (rule) we used to arrive at the middle number in the third box. 
  • It's the same rule for each box. Print out the puzzle for each student.

Did you figure out the rule that gives the number in the center of the first two squares?  If so, use that same rule, and you will come up with the number that goes in the middle box of the third square shown below.

You can print this math puzzle off to make it easier for students to work on.   If you are a teacher, you might try printing off several copies of the math puzzle and split the class into teams.  See which team can figures out the correct rule to the most math squares the fastest.

If you liked this math puzzle, you will probably also enjoy solving a magic square puzzle.  You might even want to check out some of the math brain teasers also.

If you go to the links below they'll take you to the main puzzle page and the printable puzzles page.  You can also look on the left navigation bar to look for math games by skill and grade level. Have fun and do come back!

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