Math Logic Puzzles

Fun activities like math logic puzzles are perfect for using in the classroom.  They help get kids to think and stretch their math muscles in a fun and creative way they'll enjoy. 

The math square is just one kind of logic math puzzle...there are many other kinds.  You will find several types logic puzzles that use math on this site.

Find the missing numbers or operation symbols that will complete the make the equations You can print the math puzzle in pdf format and you're ready to solve.

math logic puzzles

Print the next three puzzles on this page.

Take a look at the numbers in the triangle at the right.  The number at the top of the triangle is missing.  Try to figure out the logical pattern in the numbers in order to determine what the top number should be.

triangle math teaser

The four numbers associated with each of the four triangles below follow the same pattern.  What number belongs in place of the question mark on the fourth Triangle?

Take a look at the math problems below.  To solve these addition math puzzles the empty squares must be filled in with the correct digit to make each addition problem a true statement.

addition fill in logic puzzle

Are you ready for another. If you enjoy using your logic and math skills to solve puzzles, here's another kind of magic square puzzle to try.

And here's a different type of fun logic math puzzle where you have to "Find the Rule" to find the missing number.

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