Kindergarten Math Activities

Hard to believe your child is growing up and doing mathematics! Math is a big part. Kindergarten math activities should play a large part in your youngster succeeding and enjoying math.

Counting, addition, subtraction activities, and so much more.

Caterpillar Counting Activity: Many of us can think of a time we have seen a youngster's face light up with pride as they are learning to count and are demonstrating how far they can go. Here's a counting activity for kindergarten or preschool that they're sure to enjoy!

Fishin' with Addition Activity: Is your kindergartner ready for addition yet? Some are and some are not. Here's a game they will enjoy that helps them learn and practice their addition facts. Help them get a great start by showing them math can be fun!

Printable Math Activities For Kindergarten: Fun activities that you can print off from your computer will provide you and your kindergartner with many opportunities to experience math in a fun-filled way. Youngsters get a chance to see they can have a good time while learning too!

Counting Money Games: Get them used to counting money in a fun way with these interactive activities. They'll enjoy learning about money while having fun at the same time!

Hopscotch Math: Here's another outside activity for kindergarten math. Do-the-Math Hopscotch is a kindergarten math game that adds a bit of a math twist to hopscotch. Good for basic addition and subtraction facts. All you need is chalk and some stones to get the fun started!

Math Activity Kindergarten Addition: Save The Caterpillar is a fun game that will give your kindergartner practice adding one-digit numbers.

Homemade Math Games: Create your own math activities for kindergarten with everyday items and watch how your child's math learning will be enhanced. There are so many fun ways to build math skills with your kindergartner with everyday items from around the house.

There are plenty of fun kindergarten math activities that will inspire youngsters as they are learning math! We have a variety of games all in one place that will provide educational entertainment they're sure to enjoy.

Most children no matter what type of learning style they gravitate towards will benefit greatly from learning math with hands-on kindergarten math activities.

Math Activities for Kindergarten Help Kids Love Math

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