Do the Math Hopscotch Game

hopscotch math game

"Do the Math Hopscotch"  is a great math game for young learners inspired by a similar version from the book "Game On!" by Pat Doyle, a bit of math adds an educational twist to hopscotch.

What You Need:

  • Chalk
  • Stones

Skills: Primary Addition Facts and Subtraction Facts

How To Play:

  • Setup: Draw the hopscotch area to resemble a calculator.  You can be creative as to how it's drawn.  As long as the boxes are close enough that all players can jump to any number from all of the boxes.
  • The first player tosses her stone on the "1" key. She then hops on an equation equal to 1 (for example, she might jump to the following keys: =, 1, +, 0 or =, 3, -, 2).
  • Players use 1-footed hops when landing on odd numbers and zeros, and 2-footed hops for even numbers and symbols.
  • A player's turn continues until she makes a mistake, such as stepping on a line or hopping on an incorrect equation.

And the winner is...

The first person to work through all the numbers to 9.


Try adding more numbers to your hopscocth grid to cover more addition and subtraction facts. Be as creative as you want to be. Keep in mind you can put the numbers in what ever order you want to.

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