Math Activities for Kindergarten

Getting kids to love math from an early age...and math activities for kindergarten go hand in hand. Some children naturally enjoy math. Others not so much....Kindergarten math games makes math fun and exciting!

math activities for kindergarten

Save The Caterpillar

Try this printable game and help youngsters practice adding one-digit numbers.

Skills: One digit Addition, Probability

Materials: Pair of dice, Save the Caterpillar game board, (one caterpillar per player), 20 chips such as(coins, bingo chips, etc.) for each player.

Number of Players: Two or more

How to Play:

  1. Each player places 20 chips on the numbered spaces of his/her caterpillar. Players can place the chips any way they’d like as long as all 20 chips are used.
  2. The first player rolls the dice and adds the total of the two dice. The player removes ONE marker from the numbered space that matches the sum of the dice. If the player does not have a chip on the numbered space that matches the sum of the dice, the player loses a turn.
  3. Play continues in this manner, with each player taking a turn at rolling the dice and removing one chip at a time.
  4. If at any time a player wants to change the arrangement of the chips, he/she can do so instead of taking a turn at rolling the dice. You must wait until it’s your turn, and you can only move one chip per round.
  5. The first player to clear all the chips off his/her caterpillar is the winner!

All kids love to play games. Helping them to be comfortable with math at an early age will increase their chances of become successful math students as they get into the higher grades.

Here's a couple more math activities for kindergarten you'll probably enjoy....

  • Caterpillar Count: Kindergarten Printable. Here's another fun activity to help kindergarten or preschool children with counting.
  • Fishin' for Addition: Kindergarten Printable. Fun Addition Fact practice up to 9 + 9.

Be sure to let us know if there is something that you are looking for specifically to help make math for kindergarten fun for your child or classroom. We are always on the look out for new fun math stuff to add to the site.

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