Telling Time Games

Get your youngsters learning to tell time by playing fun telling time games. Once they start playing, they'll want to play again and again!

Later Gator

Skill: Telling time, one hour before/after and one half-hour before/after

Number of players: 2 - 4

Object of the game: Make the most matches

Supplies: Gator Game Cards, plus Time Out analog clock cards or Time Out digital clock cards. (Note: If only 2 are playing, use only half of each set of cards.)

Preparation: Print copies of Gator game cards listed above and cut apart.

Print Time Out analog clock cards and Time Out digital clock cards.

To Play:

  1. Shuffle each set of cards separately. Deal the Gator Game cards to all players.
  2. Place four of the clock cards face up. Place the other clock cards in a pile, face down.
  3. The first player tries to match a card from his hand with a clock card on the table. If he has a match, he places both cards in his discard pile. He can make as many matches as possible from the four cards that are shown. When he can make no more matches, his turn is over. Before the next person takes a turn, however, the other players must agree that his matches are correct. If they are not, he must put the cards back.
  4. At the end of his turn, the first player draws more clock cards from the pile and turns them face up to replace any cards he used. There should always be four clock cards face up at the beginning of a player’s turn (except at the end of the game, when most matches have been made).
  5. Other players follow in the same manner.
  6. When all matches have been made, the player with the most cards is the winner.

Note: Time Out! and Later Gator games provide just a few ideas of how you can use the clock cards for practice with telling time. You’ll find many other uses for the card sets in these two games.

Our cards are coordinated so that each Set A contains cards showing the same times, as does every Set B. For quicker games, you may wish to use only one set of cards at a time.

Fell free to contact if you have any comments or questions about the telling time games here. Or maybe you have one that you want to recommend our our visitors. Thanks.

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