Holiday Math Project

by Eric
(Chicago - Kellogg Grammar School)

We had to create our own word problems related to holidays. After creating them, we had to solve them and then make an answer key. We could be creative and add a holiday picture with the word problem also.

The word problems had to be related to the type of problems we are covering in the chapter we are working on in our math class now. Hope you enjoy!

middle school math projects

Before Christmas Day or December 25th Tommy’s Christmas Trees costs $44.95. After Christmas is over trees cost a measly $3.22.

What is the percent decrease of the price of a tree from before and after Christmas?

middle school math projects

It is New Year’s Eve and it’s time to make the long road trip to our cousin’s house in New York. We take our fuel flex Chevy Impala along with us on the road. The Impala needs 3 gallons of gasoline to travel 135 miles.

How much gas do we need to travel 2,970miles?

middle school math projects

On Turkey Day, many people stacked on pounds in America. We should be thankful Thanksgiving only occurs once a year. On average people gained 6.3 pounds. Then the next day, Americans gained 4.8 pounds. Fortunately, many people joined weight watchers and lost 5.5 pounds over the next month.
How much did American citizens weigh before Thanksgiving if the average weight was 221.07 pounds after weight watchers? Round to the nearest tenth.

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