Long Division Worksheets

Students need to conquer Long Division, and long division worksheets will help accomplish that goal!

We'll be adding a variety of Long Division resources including worksheets, games, and other fun activities that will help to inspire a motand games!  They'll get the hang of it pretty quick, once they memorize the steps.

Many students find long division difficult at first because there's several steps involved. But, each step is just easy math they should already know!  You just need to get used to what to do at each step.

Dividing, Multiplying, and Subtracting all in the same problem...

3-digit by 1-digit: No remainder

4-digit by 1-digitNo remainder

3-digit by 2-digitNo remainder

4-digit by 2-digitNo remainder

3-digit by 1-digitwith rermainder

3-digit by 2-digit: With remainder

4-digit by 1-digit: With remainder

4-digit by 2-digit: With remaider

Fill in the Box - Long-Division Fun worksheets: 

Students will enjoy these fun worksheets as they figure out the missing numbers to complete the long division problems

Dare To Divide: 3-digit by 1-digit

Dare To Divide: 4-digit by 1-digit

We will be adding more long-division worksheets to the site periodically. Please be sure to let us know if you'd like to see any thing specific as far as long division goes and we'll be happy to try to accommodate. 

We believe that while long division worksheets are a great and often necessary tool for equipping students for success, we also understand that helping kids see find enjoyment in math is a great motivator in their learning.

Long Division Games

Division Jump: This is a game that students build skills with the division of one-digit numbers into two, three, and four digit numbers.

Leftovers: Here's a great classroom beginning long-division game to help students understand the concept of long division.

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Division Fun

Don't Duck Division:

Fun Division helping students master those important division facts.

Long Division game:

Check out this cool long-division board game that students love to play!

Snork's Long Division:

A fun online game that builds long-division skills!