Division Activities

These division activities give your students a chance to build their division skills while they play. They'll enjoy this division board game....just print off and you're ready to play!

"Division Jump" Math Game

division activities

Skills: Division of one-digit numbers into two, three, and four digit numbers.

Number of Players: 2 to 3

What you need: pair of dice, game board, deck of cards

Preparation: Print game board.

Object of the Game: To score the most points by correctly answering division problems while traveling around the game board.

How To Play:

  • Player 1 rolls the dice and moves her piece that many spaces on the game board.

  • Player 1 then draws 2, 3, or 4 cards from the top of the deck and arranges in any order to form a number. 


Player 1 draws two of hearts, five of spades, and six of clubs.  Player 1 arranges these three cards horizontally in any order front of her.  She chooses to form the number, 362.

  • If player 1 answers correctly, she receives 2, 3, or 4 points (2 pts. for a 2digit divisor, 3 pts. for a 3 digit divisor, or 4 pts. for a 4 digit divisor.)  If incorrect, player 1 receives no points for that round.  The Player’s turn ends for the round after their score for that division problem is figured out.

  • One or more of the other players will check (with calculator) to see if Player 1 is correct.  To Check With Calculator: 
  • The next player (take turns in clockwise direction) takes their turn in the same way. 

  • When a player lands on a snake, they lose a turn.
  • If a player lands on an alligator, they lose the number of points shown on that space.
  • And if a player lands on a scorpion, they lose 1 point.
  • Player 1 announces her answer along with remainder (if there is one) to the players.
  • If player lands on a frog, they get to jump to the next two division spaces (one at a time) and perform the divisions for those spaces.  They will perform the division problem for the first space and figure their points as explained before.  After they do that division, they move their piece to the next division space and perform that division and figure their points

  • Player 1 writes the number formed with her cards on her paper and performs the division problem.  Divide the number indicated on the space they landed on into the number the number formed with the cards.
  • The player to have the most points after ten rounds is declared the winner. Enjoy!!!

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Be sure to check out the other division activities on the site. We'll be adding more division games in the near future so come on back and visit us often.  Also if you have any suggestions, please let us know.

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