Place Value Games

5th Grade Students Will Love

Place Value Games 5th Grade Students Will Love! Place Value is a very fundamental math concept which helps build their number sense!

"Place Value Playoff"

This place value activity can is great for one student, or it can be played by two or more students to see who can make the largest number.

place value games 5th grade

What You Need:

  • Number spinner on next page. No need to cut the number spinner out.
  • Paper clip and pencil for number disc. To use spinner, place pencil in middle of spinner and spin paper clip around tip of pencil. 
  • Game sheets (last pages of this pdf).

How To Play:

(This activity can be enjoyed for one student, or played as a game between two or more. Make it your own, and have fun with it.)

Here’s one way to play as a game with 2 or more Players: 

  • Choose who goes first. First player spins and writes the number they land on in either the Tens or the Ones place.  
  • The next player spins and writes the number landed on in either the Tens or Ones space


  • Player 1 spins and lands on 5. Player 1 decides to put write 5 in the Ones place
  • Player 2 takes their turn, spins, and lands on 8. Player 2 decides to write 8 in their Tens space.

Kids who have a good understanding of place value in elementary and middle school tend to show higher achievement in math over their peers who don't. 

Why is Understanding Place Value So Important?

Place Value is perhaps the most fundamental concept for elementary and middle school students. Fundamental math concepts like regrouping and multiple-digit multiplication; just to name a couple, all depend heavily upon a child's understanding of place value.

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