Multiplication Math Facts

Getting to know those multiplication math facts well can really boost a child's confidence, which can in turn, lead to better grades in math class!

Here's a few multiplication videos that teach multiplication facts by using easy to learn melodies!. Really makes memorizing math facts a lot easier.

Learning the 3 times tables

A good trick can sometimes be a good thing to help in learning those times tables. Here's a good trick for the 3's. 

Learning the 6 times tables

So, the 6 times table trick is sort of like the one above. Give it a try, and see what you think...

Learning the 7 times tables

We will be adding the rest of the multiplication facts so be sure to check bookmark us and check back often. Also browse around the site for lots of other fun math stuff!

Be sure to check out the free multiplication games on the site. You'll find basic multiplication and also higher level multiplication for the older students.

Let's say your student needs some work on basic multiplication facts. How about pulling out a fun and free multiplication game we call, Rolling With the Facts.

Variety is a good thing, right. Well how about a game called Combine 4 Numbers that combines both multiplying and adding.

Now for a two digit multiplication game. Monkeying Around With Multiplication is a math board game that helps get practice multiplying 2 and 3 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers.

After multiplication, of course, comes division. Got you covered there too! Like this one, Don't Duck Division. Helps kids learn their division facts.

If you need math games other than multiplication, just check out the links on the left hand navigation bar. You can get to the main multiplication games page at the link below.

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