Awesome Geometry Shapes

What kind of geometry shapes are you familiar with? Here's a short and very helpful video that explains how we classify and name polygons by the number of sides they have. Further down the page you'll find a pretty thorough list of geometric figures and their descriptions!

Here are several hand made manipulatives below that you can cut print off and cut out for hands-on activity.

Triangle, Square, and Smaller Rhombus Cutouts

Cut along the solid lines! If you color your pieces, a triangle is green, a square is orange, and the smaller rhombus in a set of pattern blocks is beige.

Larger Rhombus Cutouts

Print off and cut along the solid lines for several rhombuses.

Trapezoid Cutouts

Print off and cut along the solid lines to get the trapezoids.

Hexagon Cutouts

Print off and cut along solid lines for the hexagons.

Here's a pretty cool video of a math class dancing to the area of a circle. Wow. Bet you didn't know learning geometry could be so much fun with this much rhythm!

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