Geometry Math Games

Geometry does not have to be a painful experience for your child. Consider using Geometry Math Games as an enjoyable, learning activity for your child.

One LearninH

A tangram is a set of seven pieces, or tans, that can be arranged to make a square or one of hundreds of other shapes.

Tangram Fun

Try to construct these shapes with this online tangram.

Make Your Own Set of Tangrams

You can use any household material you want to make your tangram set like cardboard or wood.

Each set contains two small triangles, two large triangles, a medium-sized triangle, a square and a parallelogram. The puzzle was invented in China hundreds of years ago and remains a popular classroom mathematics manipulative as well as a fun pastime for children who like logic problems.

Kids will encounter Geometry in elementary, middle, and high school math classes. They will learn about things like angles, perimeter, area, volume, triangles, circles, surfaces, points, lines, and curves to name a few.

Sounds Like This Could Be Fun!

Having fun while learning is sure to mean fewer complaints about doing math. Using math games to practice concepts they are learning from the textbook and their teacher is pretty cool!

There’s no reason why geometry can’t be fun AND educational. So let's get started and help your child learn and review their skills with some of the interactive activities you'll find on this site.

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