Fun Subtraction Worksheet

"Subtraction Squares"

Subtraction won't be the same after using these fun subtraction worksheets! So if you have students who need a little motivation for subtraction to practice subtracting, try these exciting subtraction squares!

How they work:

Start with a blank Subtraction Square as seen below.

You can print off this blank subtraction square worksheet. Or you can draw your own on a sheet of paper.

Choose four numbers that will be written in the outer four corners of the diagram (see below). You can let the students choose their four numbers or you can choose for them.

Subtract the two numbers on the ends of each of the four sides, and put the result in the blank circle between the two subtracted numbers. Have a look at the picture below to see what I mean.

The next step is to continue this same process with the next square.

Students continue subtracting and filling in the blank circles until they have finished.

What do you notice?

At the end the final square will have all the same number in it. In the one the example I used, 3 is in all four spots of the smallest square.

You can vary your use of the subtraction square worksheets to make them a good fit for any level. You can use it for kids learning subtraction facts, or for double digit as well as triple digit subtraction.

It really doesn't matter the number of digits students use to start with. They might start with all two-digit numbers. Or mix it up by using one-digit and two-digit numbers in the first four circles.

The bottom line....

Subtraction squares are fun math worksheets and can make learning math more engaging for students.

Using these fun worksheets on a regular basis helps kids get more enjoyment from learning and in turn helps their confidence in what they are learning.

It's a pretty cool subtraction activity that students seem to really get a kick out of.

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