Place Value Games 4th Grade

There are plenty of Place Value Games 4th Grade students can enjoy while learning how place value works. Place value is a fundamental skill and is key to helping young math learners to develop number sense. 

Studies show that understanding place value has is key to overall mathematics achievement.

Most of us, and especially children, are hands-on learners. Children are going to learn best by hands-on activity which will help their learning process. So we'll provide you with both place value games and place value worksheets that will help equip you in your teaching your 4th grader/s. 

So here we go:

Place Value Worksheet #1: This is a place value activity 4th grade students that will help your students learn about and build their skills. This place value activity worksheet goes as high as the Ten Thousands place. 

Make the Biggest Number: Now that they've learned the concept of place value up to the Ten Thousand place, here's a fun two-player place value game your 4th graders will enjoy to help strengthen what they've learned. You can see and print off the directions on how to play the game.

Place Value Worksheet #2: Here's another place value activity for 4th graders to hone their skills on. This place value worksheet their skills. This place value activity worksheet goes as high as the Ten Thousands place. 

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