Place Value Games 2nd Grade 😊

You made it - Welcome Aboard - you'll find some great place value games 2nd grade kids will really get a kick out of! And if we can get kids engaged in the learning process, most of the battle is won!

Place Value - Playoff 

This place value activity can is great for one student, or it can be played by two or more students to see who can make the largest number.

place value games 2nd grade

Base 10: Standard Form: Expand It: Write It

This engaging activity helps kids get practice going between Standard Form, Expanded Form, Base Ten, and the Written form of three-digit numbers.

place value games 2nd grade concentration pic 1

Place Value "Concentration"

Who doesn't love a good ol' concentration card game... The kiddos will have fun with this one as they build their place value skills! We'll be adding more levels soon, but let us know what level you need and we'll get it on site soon... 

This next place value activity will give kids practice going from "Expanded" form to "Standard" form.

place value games 2nd grade spin to win pic 1

Have Fun with "Expanded" form and "Standard" form.

What You Need

  • At least one paper clip
  • Colored pencils - a different color for both players


  • Remove the place value wheels by cutting along the dashed line above.

Using Paper Clip Spinner

To use the spinner in this game, a player will lay the paper clip flat on the center of a place value spinner. To spin the paper clip, the player then flicks the paper clip with a finger so that it spins around the tip of the pencil.

How To Play

  • Choose which player will go first.
  • The first player places the tip of their pencil in the center of the first place value wheel and spins the paper clip.
  • The player makes a note on scratch paper of number that the paper clip lands on. 
  • The player will repeat the paper clip spinning for each of the remaining two place value spinners on the place value spinner sheet and make note of the number the paper clip lands on.
  • The result will be a 3-digit number

Why Place Value Games for 2nd Grade

Why Not...

But seriously - I'm sure you're proabaly at the website because you already know the value of place value games and activities for 2nd graders and kids of all ages! 

Can You Find My Value? 

place value games 2nd grade whats my value pic 1

So here's a fun picture for your second grader to enjoy while learning about place value. Print off "Find My(Place) Value".  

Can You Find Me and My Pet's Value? 

place value games 2nd grade whats my value pic 2

Place Value Riddles for Kids

What did the spider make online?

What can children catch but not throw?

place value games 2nd grade riddles a cold

Which school supply is king of the classroom?

place value games 2nd grade riddles a ruler

I have a tail and a head, but no body.
What am I?

What can fill a room but doesn’t take up space?

What is full of holes but still holds water?

place value games 2nd grade riddles pic 01

What gets wet when you get dry?

Larry’s mother has three children.
Their names are Ted, Fred, and … ?

place value games 2nd grade riddles larry

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