Pick Pocket Math Number Trick

This Pick Pocket Math Number Trick helps kids get practice with addition, subtraction, and multiplication all in one shot!

Really impress friends and family by correctly guessing the amount of change they have in their pockets!

pick pocket math number trick

What You Need:

  • Find a volunteer to work your math magic on.
  • Make sure your volunteer has some change in their pocket. But they do not reveal it to you..
  • Paper
  • Pencil

What To Do:

  • Have your volunteer multiply their age by two.
  • Then they will add five.
  • Now multiply the previous sum by fifty.
  • Subtract 365.
  • Add the amount of pocket change, but do NOT count any change that is over $1.
  • Add 115.

Notice that the first two digits will be the person's age,and the last two digits are the amount of the person's pocket change.

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