Multiplication Tricks

So you want to learn some cool shortcuts for doing math fast. Check out the latest multiplication tricks here - and with a little practice, students will be able to multiply faster.

Multiplication by 9

Step 1: Spread your hands in front of you so all ten fingers are stretched out.

Step 2: From the left count the over the number fingers you want to multiply by nine. Let's say you want to multiply 9 x 7...You would count over seven fingers from the pinkie finger and then put that finger down.

Step 3: You then count the number of fingers that are to the left of the folded finger. This will be the first digit in he answer.

Step 4: Nest, count the number of fingers to the right of the folded finger. This will be the second digit in he answer. And that is all there is to it. The answer is 63!

Multiplication by 11

Here's a cool shortcut for multiplying by 11. Let's take this example;

11 x 67

Step 1: Add the digits of the number that is being multiplied by 11.

6 + 7 = 13

Step 2: Place this sum between the 6 and 7, except instead of keeping the 1 there, we carry the one over to the digit on the left like so....

6 ( 6 + 7) 7 = 6 ( 13) 7

Note: if the sum of the digits is more than 9, you will have to "carry the one", like so....

And there you have it! The answer is 737...

Now let's try another example.

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