Multiplication Table Games

Knowing times tables is an essential skill for successful students. Multiplication table games help kids improve their speed and accuracy on their time tables while at play! A Win-Win!

multiplication Top It game

Multiplication - "Top It"

Players: 2 - 4

Materials Needed: Deck of playing cards

  • Shuffle the cards and place face down in the middle of the players. Assign number values to face cards from a regular deck in the following way: Aces as 1, Jacks as 10, Queens as 11, Kings as 12.
  • Choose which player goes first. 
  • The first player draws two cards, turns both cards face up in front of them. 
  • Going in a clock-wise direction around the table, from the first player, each of the other players in turn draws two cards from the pile and places the cards face-up in front of them.
  • After all players have drawn their two cards and placed them face-up on table, each player multiplies the numbers on their two cards together. 
  • Each player in turn player starting with the first player must say aloud their multiplication sentence. For example, if the players draws a 7 and a King, they must say aloud, "7 times 12 = 84".

** If the player calls out the wrong product, the other players have an opportunity to correct the mistake. ** 

  • The player with the highest product takes all of cards that the players multiplied together in that round.
  • In the event of a tie, put the cards in the middle. The players that tied should repeat the previous steps. Whoever wins the tie-breaker gets all of the cards from the tie as well as the new cards.
  • Play continues until there all of the cards in the draw pile are gone.
  • Everyone counts their cards and whichever player has the most cards is the winner! Have Fun!!

Here are some more multiplication table games your kids should enjoy. 8 Rolls to 100 is a multiplication game using dice.

And how about Combine 4 Numbers. Two players compete by multiplying numbers on the game cards as they try to reach a target number.

Are you looking for some printable multiplication games?

Here's another free multiplication game that you can print to practice multiplication facts. All you need are two pair of dice and the game cards we provide.

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