Multiplication Game 3rd Grade


Have fun and Multiply - A Multiplication Game 3rd grade students will love! This math artful activity will get kids excited and engaged while learning math! 

Even though getting the correct answer is important, helping kids gain a greater appreciation and love for math will go a long way towards helping them gain a deeper understanding in the short and long run.

multiplication game 3rd grade solution pic 1

Most kids enjoy a fun game! This is a very colorful activity which will of course, help engage your 3rd graders as they build essential math skills!

Multiplication Mystery Montage

Mystery Montage Grid: Print off this mystery grid and then the instructions below.

Instructions: (Click on Instructions link to print instructions)

Work through the multiplication problems. The multiplication problems are written on the page in two different ways:

1) One problem at a time without a box around it:

Multiplication Mystery Montage problem

The picture below shows the correct answer of 54 written underneath the problem. The tens digit in the answer tells which horizontal row in the grid to use and the ones digit tells which vertical column to use. 

multiplication game 3rd grade - mystery montage problem

Where the row and column intersect, fill in the square with the color written above that problem. See picture below

multiplication game 3rd grade - mystery montage grid

2) Two problems together in a box:

The picture below shows the two problems with the correct answers: 144 for the problem on the left, and 207 for the problem on the right.

For the first problem (problem on left), the hundreds and tens digits, taken together, tell which horizontal row in the grid to use.

For the second problem, the tens and ones digits, taken together, tell which vertical row to use.

Where the row and column intersect, fill in the square with the color written above the problem. 

The answer to the first problem is 114. We use the hundreds and tens digits to determine that the horizontal row is 11.

The answer to the second problem is 207.  We use the tens and ones digits to determine the vertical column is 7.

Therefore we color the square black where row 11 and column 7 intersect. See picture below.

Your young math learners will enkoy uncovering the picture that emerges after all the multiplication problems are solved and the corresponding boxes colored in with the indicated colors!

Check out the solution for Multiplication Mystery Montage #1 here.

How about another fun way for your third graders to practice their times tables. You've probably already used flash cards, which can also be a great tool for building multiplication skills. 

Check out more of the multiplication games ..., and please let us know what other kinds of multiplication activities you'd like to see here.

More Multiplication Game 3rd Grade Kids Love

Why should math be a boring or even a scary experience for youngsters. Third grade is when kids learn multiplication and it's a key skill since some of their later math curriculum will build off of those multiplication skills.

Giving kids some fun and hand-on ways to build these foundational math skills will help quite a bit. Keeping it fun for the kiddos keeps the engage, and that's half the battle - keeping them focused and enagaged!

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