Multiplication Facts
"Fun Ways To Learn Time Tables"

Memorizing time tables can sometimes be hard to memorize, but multiplication facts games make learning both fun and easier. Kids really enjoy playing these games so they will want to keep playing and get even more practice...the fun way.

Rolling With The Facts: Here's a fun printable multiplication fact game to learn math facts. Just print off the game cards, grab a pair of dice and you're ready to play!

Multiplication War: Most kids have enjoyed the card game War. If not that's fine too...all you need is an ordinary deck of playing cards which you probably have laying around the house. It's a great way for your child to practice their times tables and have fun doing it!

HULA HOOP TIMES TABLES: This fun game lets kids use a hula hoop to get those math fact juices flowing.

MATH MAGICIAN: Practice math facts one family at a time.


Here's a great multiplication song video that helps to learn the 6 times tables.

Having a good grasp of their multiplication tables is key to your child's success in higher math!

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