Multiplication and Division Bingo

Ready or not...Multiplication and Division Bingo, here we come!

Teaching and learning how to multiply and divide just got easier and a lot more fun. Quick and easy prep - check out and print your printable bingo for multiplication and division below.

Multiplication and Division Bingo Games

multiplication division bingo games

Have your kiddos join the bingo party!

What You Need

  • Print off bingo a bingo game board for each player. 
  • Print off bingo cards
  • Markers for each player. (Small items like coins or buttons to cover spaces on the bingo board during the game.) 

Skills: Multiplication and Division up to 12 x 12

How To Play: 

1) As soon as the game begins, each player places one of their markers on the Free space on their bingo board.

2) For each round of the game, a caller will draw a card from the face-down shuffled bingo cards and read aloud the multiplication or division problem on that card. After the bingo card is read, that card is placed in a discard pile.

3) Each of the players then looks to see if the answer to the multiplication or division statement that was just read is listed on their bingo board. If they find the answer on they're bingo card, and it's not already covered with a marker, they cover that space with one of their markers.

Suggestion: It may be a good idea for the caller of each round to use the answer key to verify that players who are able to place a marker down have placed their marker on the correct answer.

4) The first player who covers covers five squares in a row, vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, the yell "BINGO" wins the game!

(Depending on what level of multiplication bingo you're playing, players may need to work out the problem on their scratch paper, but if it's just the time tables up to 12, scratch paper may not be needed.)

*Important: When a player/s calls "BINGO", you can have one or more players verify to make sure each of their 5 markers placed in a row math up with a bingo card that was called. This can be done using the multiplication / division answer key by checking to see that each of the five spaces covered match up to an equation card in the discard pile. Once that's verified, that player is the Winner! If not, the player/s must remove those five markers, and the game continues as before. 

There can be more than one winner: If two or more players call "BINGO" at the same time, they can both be the winners! But if it's pretty clear which player calls "BINGO" before the other player, maybe you want to have that player be the winner and the other player the runner-up winner. The other player/s who also have five squares covered that same round are the runner-up winners. 

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