Math Teasers

So if you think learning or teaching math is no fun - Think again!  Math Teasers can change all that and are a must have for every teacher or parent who is tired of hearing kids say "I hate math".

Print off this math brain teaser worksheet for starters to get the brain juices flowing that I'm sure you and your students will enjoy!  

Fill the empty squares with the

Sum of each row or column.

Students will find this fruity math brain deliciously engaging. 

The object of this fruity math game is to fill in each of the empty squares with the missing number

Each kind of fruit in the grid has a certain value.  Figure out the value and then fill and the empty squares with the sum of the fruit in each row or column.

math teasers for kids

What number belongs in the empty triangle?

triangle math tease

What number belongs in the Box

at the top of the pyramid?

math pyramid teaser

Math Brain Teasers are a great way to warm your students up at the beginning of class and they also are a great way to wind your class down.  

You can find math teasers that are at a level appropriate for your students.  We will be adding more to the site so be sure to check back.

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