Math Magic Trick

Here's a really cool Math Magic Trick that kids can use to impress family and friends and build basic math skills too! You'll find lots of other math tricks here as well so have fun and learn some math along the way.

math magic trick

Materials: 5 dice

Performing the Trick:

  • Tell the spectator that you can see through the dice all the way to the bottom numbers.
  • Roll all 5 dice on table.
  • Pretend that you are looking through the dice to see the bottom numbers. (What you are actually doing is adding up the top numbers of all 5 dice.)
  • Then you will announce the sum of the bottom numbers. (All you have to do is subtract the sum of the numbers you added in your mind from the top from 35.)
  • Then turn over the 5 dice and have the spectator add the numbers of top numbers. They will be amazed at how you did it!

How the Trick works:

On any die, the sum of the top number and the bottom number is 7. So for example, if you toss one die and the top number of the die is a 3, the number at the bottom of the die will be a 4, since 4 + 3 = 7.

So if you throw out 5 dice, the total of all the top and bottom numbers will be:

5 x 7 = 35

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