Math Jeopardy

Why Math Jeopardy? Because the kids will love playing it, and you'll love that they're learning math and enjoying every bit of it! Most of us have watched the TV game show Jeopardy, or at least heard of it.

No matter what the math topic - Jeopardy Math is an excellent way for students to review just about anything they're learning in math class.

So expect your students to be engaged while playing! And once they're engaged, the learning math part will take care of itself.

The goal of this math jeopardy page is to be a source of all-things Jeopardy as it relates to math. We'll start out by adding one jeopardy activity at a time, but eventually we'll have a pretty good selection of math topics covered for some good ol' Jeopardy fun.

And let's say you  don't find the specific math topic you want here yet, you can even create your own math Jeopardy game for your kids.

Game Preparation:

  • Print 5 sets of the 100 - 500 "point cards preferably in colored card stock.
  •  You may want to print each question on the back of the point cards. The bottom right of the card has the category and the amount of points for that question. 

The Object of the Game is for each player or team to earn more money than the other players or teams. Money is earned by correctly answering questions.

Playing The Game: (Alter These Directions to your Liking)

The game can be played where students compete individually or as teams. (Your Call - do what works best at the time )

Either the teacher can be the game host or you should choose someone to be the game host. The game host does not compete in the game - that's right - they're the game host.

  • Choose which team or individual will go first. A fair way to choose who goes first is to toss a die (number cube). The person who rolls the highest number goes first.
  • The first player or team chooses a Category and a Dollar amount in that particular category. For example, "We'd like Vocabulary for $300".

You can decide to give each player or team a specified amount of time to answer each question, may one minute. You should decide this based on your class and level of students. 

If you have teams, the members of the team should collaborate before answering; the team only has one chance to answer the question on that turn. 

  • If the question is answered correctly, the team earns the amount of money the question was worth.
  • If they answer incorrectly, the question remains on the board.
  • After the answer is given, the next player or team takes their turn. 
  • The game continues until all of the questions have been answered correctly. The team or player with the most points at the end of the game wins!!!

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