Math Camp Nashville 2017

"Math In Motion Camps"

Are you looking for a math camp in the Nashville area this summer? You're not alone.  Math In Motion Camps are week-long, half-day camps, that will help your child experience math in a hands-on engaging way that will help them avoid summer brain drain during vacation. 

The camp helps kids to experience learning math in a whole new way! So if you're in the Nashville TN area this summer, we think your child will have a blast!

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Be sure to look for the Early-Bird Special! 

math camp Nashville area

Summer Math Camp Nashville Area 2017!!!

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Math In Motion Math Camps

What is Math Camp?  Math Camp is a week-long, half-day program that introduces students to the beauty of math through fun hands-on projects, field math investigations, math games & logic puzzles.

Each camper is urriculum to the individual needs of your child.  So no matter what their aptitude is, they will benefit from this camp.  

  • Engaging Hands-On Projects love that engage elementary and middle school students to build math skills 
  • Fun Math Games and Math Magic Tricks to Help Build Excitement about Math and Reinforce Math Skills
  • Enhances Self-Esteem and Interest in Mathematics

Contact Greg at 615-594-6284 now to reserve your spot!

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