Math Bulletin Board Ideas

If you are a math teacher, you might be able to use some of these math bulletin board ideas we've compiled here.

On this page we're compiling a list of bulletin boards that teachers have used to spark ideas for your classroom. We will list ideas form all different grade levels so be sure to browse through.

Why Math Bulletin Boards?

  • We want to encourage students that math is all around us. By keeping it in their plain view on a bulletin board just helps to enforce this message.

  • Math should not be just confined to our textbooks. Make it come alive for your students with creative bulletin boards.

  • If you update them frequently with your lessons, students will come to expect and look forward to the new boards. Just try to make them interesting and engaging for the students.

Just click on the links for some great ideas for your bulletin boards.

math bulletin board ideas
What's The Pattern: Students will be provided a copy of Pascal's triangle. They will need to complete the number triangle on the board. There will be push-pins in each block that needs to be filled in with a number. They will have a pocket full of different numbers they can pin up to the board. The students will have to copy their answers from the board to the worksheet. There are a few numbers filled in to assist the students.

Math Bulletin Board Ideas 2 Operation Equation: Students will need to be moving the different numbers (1-9) around the equation grid and placing them into the pockets where desired. The solution numbers and operation symbols are all movable and will be moved around in different orders as indicated on the worksheet.

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