Magic Squares

Looking for Magic Squares for the classroom or home? A fun math activity to engage your students as they learn math and have fun!

Already familiar with Magic Squares - feel free to scroll further down to find links to different types of magic square puzzles.

magic squares

Here's a picture of a Magic Square on the left.

If you're new to Magic Squares, do you notice anything special about the numbers inside the nine squares? 

As you may have already noticed, each vertical column, horizontal row, and both diagonals add up to 15!

That's what's really cool about Magic Squares! 

Each row, column, and diagonal adds up to the same number. This number is called the "Magic Number".  For the magic square pictured above, the Magic Number is 15.

The order of a magic square is the number of rows or columns within the square. So the magic square above is an order 3.

Ready to print some magic square worksheets. You'll also find More links to specific types of magic squares further down the page...

What math skills can kids build while solving a magic square?

  • Help kids improve their mental math calculation skills
  • Helps kids "think mathematically".
  • Help students learn math facts. Many students have trouble with math since they struggle with addition facts, not to mention subtraction, multiplication, and division facts...
  • They help to build critical thinking and logic skills in young learners.
  • Probably most important of all, they help kids engage with math in a fun way, while challenging their minds with learning at the same time!

Magic Squares Can Touch

On A Variety Of Math Skills

Fraction Magic Squares

Multiplication Magic Squares

Negative - Positive Numbers

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Negative numbers, Positive numbers, Prime numbers, and more... 

These cool math square puzzles were first used in Ancient China. 

The magic constant (or magic number) is the number that each horizontal row, vertical column, and the two diagonal rows add up to. If you add up the row, columns, and diagonals of this magic square, the magic constant you get is 15.

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