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Magic Math Tricks

Some of the coolest magic math tricks you'll find are here! So if you're a teacher, parent, or student and you want to find the magic in math and a bunch of other reasons why math is so cool, just browse around this site.

magic math tricks
  • Have your friend or family member think of a 3-digit number and write it down. Have them to make sure the first and last digits are not the same.
  • Have them to reverse the order of the digits and write this number down.
  • Subtract the smaller number from the larger number.
  • Multiply the result by any number they wish.  (It does not matter how big or small the number they choose).
  • Next, cross out any one of the digits in the answer except for zero.
  • Now ask your friend to add up all of the remaining digits and tell you the sum.

And now for the Magic.....

You will be able to tell your friend which number they crossed out!

Here's how you do it.....

  • If the sum is less than 9, you just subtract the sum from 9 and that is the digit your friend crossed out.
  • If the sum is 9, your friend crossed out a 9.
  • If the sum is more than 9, add the digits of the sum together.
  • If you get a number less than 9, subtract this number from 9, and that's the number they crossed out. .  
  • If you get a number greater than 9 again, add the digits until you get a number less than 9.  Then subtract that number from 9 and that's the digit they crossed out.

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