Fun Math Riddles

Using fun math riddles with students gives them a chance to build math thinking skills and have a good time too!  Scroll down to check out the  riddles on this page.  You can print off a pdf version also.

1. Time Flies 

How many seconds are there in one week?  (7 days in a week)

2. Happy Meal - Sheila buys a happy meal with 27 coins made up of nickels, dimes, and quarters.  The meal costs her $3.25 and she has the same number of dimes as nickels.  How many of each type of coin does Sheila have?

3. Cows and Chickens

Farmer Brown counted 12 heads and 38 legs.  How many chickens and cows does he have?

4.   Counting Sheep - A farmer has 17 sheep and all but 9 of them die.  How many sheep are left?

5. Give Me Five

  • Can you make five 5’s equal 5?
  • Can you make five 5's equal 100?


6.  Brothers and Sisters - Greg is twice as old as his sister Christina.  Christina is 1/8 the age of their mother.  Their mother is 35 years old.  How old are Greg and Christina?

7.  In the addition problem below, A = 7.  What is the value of B?

8.  In the following addition problem B and C represent numbers that are not already shown in the problem.   What are the two possible values for B and C?

9.  Place the missing digits in the boxes to complete the addition statement.

10.  How many squares can you find in the figure below?  (Easy)

11.  How many squares can you find in the figure below?   (Hard)

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