Fraction Games for Grade 1

"Bring on the Fun"

Learning fractions can be tricky for kids, but our fraction games for grade 1 can help you add some more fun into your teaching tool box.

Yep, your kiddos will learn about fractions with a lot less hassle and stress, if they're having fun while learning.....

Fraction Match

Grades: k - 2

Number of Players: 

How To Play:

  • Each player, in turn, rolls the dice. After rolling, the player moves their marker clockwise around the game board the number of spaces rolled on the die.
  • After landing, the player looks at the cards they're holding. If they're holding a fraction card that matches the fraction picture they landed on, they say the name of the fraction out loud. If they say the fraction correctly, they get 5 points. If they say the fraction incorrectly, they don't receive any points on that turn.  
  • If they don't have the fraction card, the play continues with the next player rolling the dice and following the same procedure as above.
  • Play continues until the first player runs out of their fraction cards. 

Calculating the Points