Classroom Math Activities

Looking for more classroom math activities to add to you teacher's tool box! We've got plenty that you may or may not have used. Please browse around the site to find lots of math fun stuff. If we answer any questions or if you have any suggestions of what kinds of things you would like to see on the site, please contact us.


Classroom Math Activities

This game is played with flash cards to improve speed of recall. You can use multiplication, division, addition, or subtraction cards. Just depends on where your students are. Using more than one operation works well too.

Students sit in a circle, or around a table. The teacher or leader sits where the players can see her. One student, the challenger, gets up and stands behind the person to her right. The teacher holds up a flashcard; the student (of those two) who gives the correct answer first advances to challenge the person in the next seat.

Students can only give one answer; if someone blurts out the wrong answer, the other person has as much time as she needs to think of the correct response. The challenger continues until she makes a mistake, at which point she takes the seat of the person she was competing with, and that person continues around the circle.

When a student has advanced around the circle back to her original seat (either in one turn or over the course of the game, depending on circumstances), she is the winner. Any number of people can win; this game can go on for an indefinite amount of time.

Classroom math activities are one of the best ways to get your students engaged and having fun with math. Many students do not naturally enjoy math. So we need to give them a little nudge sometimes to get them going.
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