Brain Teasers For Kids

Solving brain teasers for kids is one of the best and most entertaining ways for young people to build logical thinking and problem solving skills. Check out some and see how you do...

The Farmer Crosses the River

Here's a classic problem that's been around for some time.

brain teasers for kids

The farmer wants to get his goat, wolf and cabbage to the other side of the river. His boat isn't very big and it can only carry him and either his goat, his wolf or his cabbage. Now.....if he leaves the goat alone with the cabbage, the goat will gobble up the cabbage. If he leaves the wolf alone with the goat, the wolf will gobble up the goat. When the farmer is present, the goat and cabbage are safe from being gobbled up by their predators.

How does the farmer manage to get everything safely to the other side of the river?

Rectangular Reasoning

How many rectangles do you see in the figure? Remember squares are also rectangles.

brain teasers for kids

Answer: Look closely. 15 Rectangles

The Handshake Problem

You are in a roomful of 35 people. Everyone is asked to shake hands with everyone. How many handshakes will there be? How can you figure this out? What strategies will you use?

Ready for another rectangle problem?...I thought you might be....

More Rectangular Reasoning

brain teasers for kids

How many rectangle do you see in the picture above?

Problem solving and reasoning skills are very important to have not just for math class, but in everyday life. That's why math is is a good thing because it can teach us improve these skills.

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