Bingo Math Games

for Multiplication

Try these cool bingo math games for multiplication and your students will thank you! So you need more fun ways for your students to master multiplication skills! 

Sometimes kids have a pretty tough time memorizing those multiplication facts. Bingo multiplication is a cool and engaging activity that can help them master their multiplication facts and skills!

So let's get it started!

If you're a teacher or parent, there's a good chance you already know how the game of bingo works. If not - now worries - it's super-simple!

Bingo Math Games for Multiplication Rules:

  • Choose a caller for the game.
  • The caller reads a multiplication problem out loud.
  • Each player checks to see if the answer is on their bingo card and if so, covers that spot with a marker. 
  • The first player to cover their bingo card with five markers in a row, wins the game!   

One reason math bingo is a great game for kids is that it's a fair game, since weak math students have just as good a chance as strong math students to win.

"Why is that", you ask:

Because the numbers on the bingo cards are random, so the winner is not only determined by knowing the correct answers, but also by the randomness of the numbers on the bingo cards. 

Besides that, bingo is one of those games that's been around for ages and everyone, both kids and adults alike, enjoy the thrill and suspense of being the first to get their row fill with markers! 

But one of the main reasons to use bingo math games for multiplication is children learn best when they're having fun!   

Print off the math bingo cards here. And here are the multiplication problem cards for you to print.

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