Addition Activities for Grade 1

We've got you covered with cool and engaging addition activities for grade 1. First graders and addition go hand-in-hand, so let's make it fun and engaging!

The first addition / subtraction activity called, "Addition-Subtraction Satisfaction" is below, and you'll find other adding activities for first grade further down the page. Enjoy...

"Addition-Subtraction Satisfaction

In the first engaging activity, kids build addition and subtraction skills!

addition activities for grade 1 pic 3


  • Add each pair of numbers in the four corners and write the sum in the empty circle in the middle of the two numbers.

In the picture below, we've added the numbers, 5 and 6, in the top two circles and put the sum of 11 in the empty circle between them.

addition activities for grade 1 pic 1

  • Continue in the same way, adding the remaining pairs of numbers located in the outermost circles of the large square.

As you can see in picture below, we filled in a 13, 11, and 9 in the other three circles after doing the sums of 6 + 7, 5 + 4, and 7 + 4.

  • Next, is subtractionSubtract the pairs of red numbers in the picture and put the result in the middle circle of each pair.

As seen in picture below, we did the following subtractions: 13 - 11, 11 - 9,  13 - 11, and 11 - 9. We put the results in blue in the circles in the middle of the two numbers subtracted. 

addition activities for grade 1 pic 5

  • Last but not least, we add the four blue numbers, and put the sum in the circle in the last empty circle in the middle of the four blue numbers. 

As seen in picture below, we added 2 + 2 + 2 + 2, and the final result for the puzzle is 8! Mission Accomplished!

Some Important Math Concepts for Grade 1:

Numbers and Counting * Addition & Subtraction * 2-D Shapes * Fractions * Place Value * Time * Measurements

Choose Your Own Numbers

If you want to tailor this activity for your studnent's particular level of understanding, you can choose your own four numbers to begin that fill in the four corner circles. We've provided a blank template here, so we've got you covered.

Or you can try some of the ones we've already filled in and see how they work for where your students are. 

In first grade, kids will learn to add and subtract numbers up to 30, which means they'll not only deal with one-digit numbers, but also two-digit numbers.

They'll also encounter basic word problems that will model everyday life situations. 

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